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Separate PDF pages or extract pages from your PDF with our free online PDF splitter.

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How to Split PDF Pages:

Step 1

Add your PDF file using the Choose Files button or by dragging and dropping it into the upload area.

Step 2

Select the page range to extract using the mouse and the Ctrl or Shift keys.

Step 3

Click Export to save selected pages as separate PDF files.

Why Choose Us?


PDFChef is an online PDF splitter that’s provided gratis for both personal and commercial use. The service contains no ads and does not require a login or user registration to use.


Our web-based tool is very intuitive and
user-friendly. The highlighted “smart” buttons and dynamic tooltips will clearly show you how to cut PDF pages from a larger file.


Working with PDFChef carries no risk. The entire process of splitting PDFs happens on the client side (directly in your browser),
so you can be confident your data is safe and secure.


Saving your time is our priority. It only takes a minute to upload and process your PDF file in our online tool, regardless of file size or page count.


The fully-featured interface lets you divide a PDF into multiple one-page files, or extract specific PDF pages to form a new PDF document.


Our PDF cutter is completely web-based and can be accessed from almost anywhere. It is compatible with all major browsers and OS's, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.